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Complete Biblical Library

Getting a complete biblical library is an essential step of education for any Christian scholar. Many religious colleges have required reading of certain texts, and a good biblical library is likely to have most if not all of them. A spiritual elite Christian is likely to want to know everything that is in the Bible. This is a big task because there is so much to know. Not only are there facts in the texts, but there are also the interpretations of the texts. And many Bibles differ from each other, based on translations from old manuscripts. These manuscripts were passed down through generations from the days of the early Christian Church. At some point, they were what is termed, "Codified." That is, they were collected together and put into a book called The Bible. Public libraries could not have had complete copies of the Bible before it was codified, not even the Great Library at Alexander. But today, complete and multivariate translations of those original manuscripts are available, and relatively inexpensively.

No library would of course be complete without both the New Testament and the Old Testament, along with all of the books they contain. From Genesis to Malachi, and from The Gospels to Mathew to the Book of Revelations, these are the codified books that comprise all of the written words of spiritual knowledge that is available to Christians living in today's secular world. With the biblical library, the spiritual believer is armed with the Word of God, fully instructed in spiritual warfare against the adversary from Hell, Satan. The prepared warrior stands with truth and love against the father of all lies who killed Jesus when he worked upon the heart of the Apostle, Judas. The biblical library instructs the student of God with spiritual wisdom and knowledge, preparing him for the worldly temptations of the devil that will cross his path.

With a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as a word index, one easily finds words anywhere they appear in any of the books of the Old or New Testaments. Bound in soft leather, a complete concordance stands out in the library of those seeking to further their spiritual knowledge through the relationships of different interpretations of the old and new scriptures. Some purveyors of truth will want "The Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology." Faithful is he who studies the written word, and blessed is he who seeks after God. Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by me." How will the student know Jesus, if he does not know and understand the words that were spoken by Jesus? The complete library will not fail the patron of knowledge, the child who seeks to read the enlightened literature, unfulfilled in his quest for answers.
   For Bible research, study an expository dictionary. The pastor will recite the sermon prayer at mass. The famous prayer Mary is recited by Catholics.